Tilly Trotter

Amongst the bustling Tyneside towns of County Durham, a spirited and self-sufficient young girl, Tilly Trotter, is growing to womanhood amidst hardship and despair. But mysteriously, her family is able to support itself despite her grandfather being bedridden, and why does young farmer Simon Brentwood visit the house every month? Local villain Hal McGarth thinks he knows the answer and is relentless in his pursuit of Tilly as a result. Branded a witch by the ignorant villagers, forced to endure the misery of working in the local coal mines, suffering the heartache of a passionate love which is not returned, Tilly uses her wits and strong instinct for survival to triumph over the challenges life throws at her…

“If you’re a fan of Catherine Cookson, you’ll lap this up”
– Daily Mail

“This is Cookson to perfection” – The Observer


Carli Norris, Simon Shepherd, Gavin Abbott, Rosemary Leach

Screenplay by

Ray Marshall

Directed by

Alan Grint

Produced by

Ray Marshall


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