The Wingless Bird

At twenty-two, Agnes Conway does not share her younger sister’s obvious beauty and seems condemned to look after her father’s sweet shop. When her sister becomes pregnant with the child of a young working class boy, sexual skeletons emerge from the closet of their own ‘respectable’ father. Then Charles Farrier, the son of a wealthy landowner, enters Agnes’ life. Against the wishes of his outraged and humiliated family, Charles asks her to marry him. But Charles is not the only man to shape her future. On leave from the horrors of the First World War, Charles’ brother Reginald meets Agnes and is captivated by her strong personality.

“Catherine Cookson at her best” – Daily Express

“remarkable story-telling…a joy” – The Sun


Claire Skinner, Julian Wadham, Ann Reid, Frank Grimes, Dinsdale Landen, Edward Atterton, Moira Redmond

Screenplay by

Alan Seymour

Directed by

David Wheatley

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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