The Tide of Life

Emily Kennedy is a lively and unconventional girl, whose relationships with three different men rapidly transform her into a determined young woman. When her fiancé is killed in a dockyard fight, Emily is forced to leave the house she loves and to seek employment away from South Shields. She gladly accepts a job from a sullen farmer, Lionel Birch, and moves into a sinister house with his crippled wife and simple brother-in-law. Disinherited after the mysterious death of his wife, Birch and Emily take refuge in a run-down cottage where a stormy relationship ends in further tragedy. But when Nick Stuart enters Emily’s life….

“engrossing, romantic blockbuster” – The Sun

“high quality period drama” – Sunday Mirror


Gillian Kearney, Ray Stevenson, James Purefoy

Screenplay by

Gordon Hann

Directed by

David Wheatley

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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