The Secret

When Freddie Musgrave is taken in by businesswoman Maggie Hewitt as a young runner, he realises his life has changed forever. Freddie is delighted when Belle, Maggie’s foster daughter, comes back to live with them, but when she falls in love and marries the handsome Marcel Birkstead the secrets that first brought Freddie and Maggie together look sure to be exposed. With the reappearance of a diamond which has been missing for eighteen years, and an anonymous letter putting Freddie in the frame for murder, Freddie turns detective to find out who is trying to ruin his life.

“Bravura storytelling enriched by vivid and authentic detail”
– Sunday Times

“Plenty of emotion, pride and passion…” Newcastle Journal


Colin Buchanan, Hannah Yelland, Elizabeth Carling, Stephen Moyer, Clare Higgins, June Whitfield

Screenplay by

T.R. Bowen

Directed by

Alan Grint

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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