The Rag Nymph

It’s 1854 and ten-year-old Millie is taken in by ‘Raggie Aggie’ after her mother dies in a Newcastle brothel. Soon the brothel owner’s attention turn to Millie herself, giving Aggie no option but to hide her in a convent. The spirited young Millie soon falls foul of the straight-laced nuns and returns home to Aggie. Now a beautiful young woman, she is exposed again to the corrupting influences of the streets of Newcastle and, after a relationship with the son of a wealthy landowner, she is abducted to the same brothel in which her mother died. Only the intervention of Ben, Aggie’s long-suffering lodger, saves Millie from a similar fate…

“Don’t miss…one of the world’s best storytellers” – The Sun

“gutsy costume drama…” – Evening Standard


Honeysuckle Weeks, Alec Newman, Val McLane, Perdita Weeks

Screenplay by

T.R. Bowen

Directed by

David Wheatley

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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