The Glass Virgin

Ten-year-old Annabella Lagrange, daughter of a wealthy glassworks-owning family, lives the life of an only child in Redford Hall with her mother Rosina and her puritanical nanny, completely unaware that her father is a gambler and womaniser. Seven years later, devastated by the revelation that her real mother is a prostitute, she flees the comfort of the family home to start a new life of poverty. Unexpectedly, she is reunited with Manuel Mendoza, her father’s handsome young groom, and her life takes yet another dramatic turn…

“a bodice-ripping romp” – The Sun

“stirring and lavish” – Daily Mail


Nigel Havers, Emily Mortimer, Brendan Coyle, Sylvia Sims, Christine Kavanagh

Screenplay by

Alan Seymour

Directed by

Sarah Hellings

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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