The Dwelling Place

After the sudden death of her parents, Cissie Brodie and her five younger brothers and sisters are evicted from their cottage. Barely sixteen herself, Cissie turns a harsh hillside cave into a home to save her family from the workhouse. Matthew, a local carpenter who helps Cissie build the family’s new home, falls in love with her. But Cissie is raped by a drunken young aristocrat and falls pregnant. As she tries to make sense of turbulent relationships with two very different men, Cissie finds her irrevocably caught up with that of Lord Fischel – and she is forced to make a heart-breaking choice…

“…another Cookson classic…” – Daily Express“

…this is a fine piece of storytelling” Daily Mail


James Fox, Tracey Whitwell, Ray Stevenson, Lucy Cohu

Screenplay by

Gordon Hann

Directed by

Gavin Millar

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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