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Returnable thriller series.

Twenty five years ago, on the same night that his brother and cousin went missing from their tiny Somerset village, Stephen Hanson ran away from the village and their family, changed his name, and cut off all contact with home. Now, decades later, the remains of the two boys resurface in the village, dislodged from their riverside grave after recent flooding. When it’s discovered that Stephen is still alive, suspicion lights on him: why did he run away the night they were killed? Does he know something about their murders? And could he be the murderer himself? Stephen, now a high-ranking official with the Met in London, realises that in order to clear his name he’s going to have to track down the killer himself… and that means going home to the family he abandoned twenty five years ago…

An original story for television written by the thriller novelist P.D. Viner (THE LAST WINTER OF DANI LANCING).


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