Colour Blind

Despite the hardships of the Depression, the McQueen family tries to make the best of every situation. However, when beloved eldest daughter Bridget McQueen comes home proudly with her new husband, nothing has prepared them for the shocked reactions of the neighbourhood to a black man in their midst.

Rose Angela has to overcome the trials and prejudice facing a child of a mixed race marriage. While she fights to establish her place in the world, carrying the cherished memory of her father in her heart and mind, a chance meeting with a stranger brings new hope into her life.

“a typically gutsy heroine…impressingly authentic settings”
- Evening Standard

“all the Catherine Cookson trademarks are here in this gripping 3-parter” – Daily Mail


Niamh Cusack, Art Malik, Carmen Ejogo, Tony Armatrading, James Larkin

Screenplay by

Gordon Hann

Directed by

Alan Grint

Produced by

Ray Marshall

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