(In Development)

Story by

Richard Clark and Andrew Shaw


Richard Clark


Andrew Shaw

THE FORGOTTEN COAST is a coming-of-age story about an angry, confused teenager, Conrad (16), and his relationship with a strange, fantastical creature.

Set in a bleak but hauntingly beautiful landscape, it follows Conrad’s journey as he struggles to come to terms with the grief he feels in the wake of his mother’s death. When his estranged criminal father turns up out of the blue with his gang, Conrad is drawn into a world of easy-going machismo, finding in the violence and drinking an outlet for the hurt he feels within. But one day, humiliated by his failure to live up to his father’s expectations, he is attacked by a strange creature that appears to be formed from the discarded junk that litters the shoreline. At first frightened, but then mesmerised, Conrad gradually forms a close bond with this wild being. But when his father seeks to lure him back into the fold with a role in his latest robbery, Conrad is forced to choose between family and friendship – a choice that will determine the sort of man he is destined to be.

Bold, original, and heartbreakingly moving, THE FORGOTTEN COAST is a story of grief, masculinity, and the courage required to love.

Conceived and directed by Richard Clark, one of our finest directors. His ambitious television directing includes The Crimson Field, Outlander, Musketeers, and Whitechapel.

Andrew Shaw’s psychological thriller Voice from the Stone, starring Emilia Clarke, will be released later this year. His original thriller The Woman Opposite is in development at Anonymous Content, and Steve Golin will produce. He is currently writing original a high concept sci-fi thriller The Young Ones for Chris Coen/Unanimous Entertainment.

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