Stay With Me

(In Development)


Kaya Scodelario and Tom Hughes


Tim Fywell


Tim Fywell & Matt Marshall


Ray Marshall


Set in contemporary London, Stay With Me is a modern, poignant love story about two young people in desperate circumstances who find love against the odds.


Barely out of her teens, utterly alone in the world, Lamb  has learned that trusting people only leads to being hurt. Better to remain alone, unloved, and invisible. She ekes out a meagre existence by cleaning houses for pocket money and squatting in the basement of an elderly client, Mr. Dickens.

Then she meets Doggo, a charismatic but dangerous character. Lamb feels drawn to him, but suspects that Doggo is on the run from something. Soon, despite Lamb’s misgivings, Doggo is sharing her makeshift home in Mr. Dickens’ cellar. Sexual tension simmers between the unlikely roommates. They aren’t sure whether they can trust each other… but something profound is pulling them together.

As their tentative but tender relationship develops, Lamb and Doggo has to choose: can they risk their hearts and let themselves fall in love, or will the secrets of the past crush their chance of happiness?

Acclaimed film and TV director Tim Fywell (I Capture the Castle, Ice Princess, Affinity, Madame Bovary, The Ice House) co-wrote the screenplay with young writer-producer Matt Marshall. Two of Britain’s brightest young stars will play Lamb and Doggo: the feisty but vulnerable Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Wuthering Heights, Now Is Good, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes) and charming, charismatic Tom Hughes (Cemetery Junction, Silk, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll).

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