Man Dancin’



Norman Stone


Sergio Casci


Ray Marshall


Alex Ferns, Jams Cosmo, Kenneth Cranham, Tom Georgeson

MAN DANCIN’ had its theatrical release in 2004 and is distributed on DVD by Sony home entertainment. It won a number of awards on the festival circuit including Outstanding Original screenplay at the Sacramento Film Festival as well as Critics Choice and Gold Remi winner at Worldfest Houston. When Jimmy Kerrigan (Alex Ferns) is released from jail after 9 years inside, everyone expects him to fall back into his old ways. But Jimmy’s changed, says all he wants to do is open a bar on a Greek island once his parole is up. Problem is, nobody believes him – not least his former gangland boss, Donnie McGlone (James Cosmo) and Jimmy’s old adversary, Detective Inspector Walter Villers (Kenneth Cranham). They both think Jimmy’s up to no good, branching out on his own. The jury’s out.

Enter Father Gabriel Flynn (Tom Georgeson), the man in charge of Jimmy’s anger management classes. He sees something in Jimmy nobody else does and to the amazement of all and sundry asks him to play Jesus in the church’s annual passion play. Faced with the prospect of endless anger management classes, Jimmy agrees. It’s a decision which is to have repercussions throughout the entire community and throws McGlone and Villers’ cosy world into turmoil. Jimmy Kerrigan is back all right – with a vengeance!

MAN DANCIN’ was released theatrically in 2004 and on DVD and home video by Columbia Tristar.

What the press said

“A witty, gritty, Glasgow Gangster Movie…” “…A terrific film”
- Sunday Times

‘Engrossingly unusual Brit Flick…” “…A moody Scot-Noir”
- BBC Film Review

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